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Third Object is a new Art + Design collaboration between father and daughter duo Evangelos Sakaris and Michelle Sakaris. We are Melbourne based artists who work independently and collaboratively, you can see more of our artwork here:

As Third Object we work in a variety of media including textiles, wood, clay and works on paper. Our collaboration has come about as a way for us to explore ideas that do not fit neatly into our separate art practices. Third Object is a space for ideas to be treated in a more experimental and playful way; working through the prism of design and craft to create objects of the everyday.

Exhibition August 2019

The first exhibition of work by Third Object will be part of Craft Victoria’s annual Craft Cubed Festival as part of the Window Walk Program.

Dirty Dozen - Campbell Arcade, Degraves Street Subway, Melbourne –> Map

August 1 - 31

M - F: 7am - 7pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: CLOSED

The installation is a series of embroidered brooches of architectural forms. In the spirit of miniatures, the brooches simplify architectural detail and reduce them down to essential shapes.

The brooches are based on actual buildings from around the world, including examples of the Greek temple, The Roman triumphal arch, the Buddhist stupa, the East Asian pagoda and the pre-Columbian pyramid. Particular examples of these have been selected based on how subject matter lends itself to graphic representation and pattern.

The works begin as drawings created by Evangelos employing his distinctive reductive line drawing technique, developed over the last 10 years. These digital drawings are then interpreted as small textile brooches, hand sewn by Michelle. The precise digital drawings taking on the wobble of the handmade.

The Architecture that inspired this series:

Ueda, Japan

Saint Paul’s Cathedral
London, England

Lübeck, Germany

Tower of the Winds
Athens, Greece

Maison Carrée
Nîmes, France

Arch of Hadrian
Jerash, Jordan

Temple of Kukulcan
Chichen Itza, Mexico

Aghia Sophia
Istanbul, Turkey

The Great Stupa
Sanchi, India

Rome, Italy

Yazd, Iran

Tomb of Cyrus
Pasargadae, Iran

For all inquiries please contact us at:

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